What we do


Hello, we are the artists Mando & ChloroPhil and together we are the beatboxing World Vice Champions. Thank you for visiting our site.

Imagine closing your eyes and hearing the chirping of crickets. As soon as you open your eyes you will be amazed to find that the sound was in fact a perfect imitation made by the mouth. Welcome to our world!

We interpret entire radio hits solely with our voices and use them to compose danceable medleys, together with a large repertoire of fantastic sounds. Our show acts are characterised by spontaneity, interactive elements and a healthy portion of humour. We reach an intergenerational audience by covering well-known songs and leave a lasting impression on our listeners. We offer masterful beatboxing with the highest entertainment factor and we come as a double act!

Ideally, we can adapt our show from a short performance to a whole evening
programme at your event. We deliver magical moments for every event.