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The duo consists of the double German beatboxing champion Mando and the voice imitator and vocal acrobats ChloroPhil. It all started in 2003 with a session at Bar11 in Berlin Kreuzberg! ChloroPhil is the local beatboxer there and his reputation precedes him. When Mando randomly entered the bar, the audience wanted to see a battle. Instead, this was the founding of the band “4xSample”.

Beatboxing was largely unknown at this time. The active scene was manageable and the mouth-made sounds were not mature yet. At the same time, the possibilities to imitate sounds or to create new ones seemed limitless. Without beatboxing teachers or instructional videos from the internet you had to try out the motto “Learning by doing” at that time. Each individual sound or sound combination was a piece of pioneering work.

During this creative work, Mando and Phil learned their individual strengths. They grew together to form a perfect unity. Thanks to their great enthusiasm for experimenting, their sensitivity to clever musical arrangements and their secure stage presence, a brilliant show was created, which goes far beyond beatboxing. For the 10th anniversary of the band, they recorded this spectacular live show on their DVD called “Lippendisco”. After the tour bearing the same name, the CD “Full Problemo” was released shortly afterwards, on which you can hear a whole new facet of beatboxing. Guitar, loop station and beatboxing meet rap and vocals. All this melts into the unmistakable sound of the 4xSample Beatboxcrew.

At present, Mando and ChloroPhil are involved in exciting performances and international projects. They receive one award after another. In 2015, at the biggest Beatboxing World Championship to date, they were able to bring the World Vice Champion title to Germany. They play in various theatres and musical pieces and are known from radio and television. They sometimes even show up on big cinema screens. They are among the best beatboxers in the world and are by far the most successful beatboxing duo in Germany.


Daniel Mandolini, called Mando, grew up bilingually in the sheltered city of Bonn and later in the big city jungle of Berlin. He owes his affinity with languages to his multicultural background. In addition to Spanish and German, he speaks English, French and beatboxing. After completing his Abitur at the Carl-Philipp-Emanuel-Bachgymnasium, he studied classical concert guitar at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music. At the same time he achieved his first accomplishments with the two-time win of the German Beatboxing Championship.

After completing his studies, he was offered the musical direction at Theater Strahl for the play “Klasse Klasse”. In this internationally acclaimed mask piece, he does live beatboxing and simultaneously plays on the concert guitar. This extraordinary combination quickly made Mando a musical expert in the world of theatre. The German Theatre, the City Theatre Rostock and the Westphalian Landestheater, among others, profited from his unique music style.

In 2013, Mando won the European Championship title as captain of the German beatboxing national team. With his musical refinement, he also won first place at the Grand Beatboxing Battle 2015 in the loop station category, an internationally highly regarded beatboxing trophy. The loop station allows him to record live and create layers of his voice. Thus, he proverbially becomes a one-man orchestra.

Currently, Mando is successful performing the play “Peng Peng Boateng!” at the Heimathafen Neukölln as an actor and rapper. In addition, he will be invited to the Berliner Festspielen in 2017 with the staging of “Blick nach Vorne”. The actors on stage are refugee youths from Afghanistan. Mando provides a musical atmosphere using the guitar, beatboxing and a loop station.

Its versatility makes him a first class international show act!


Philippe Zeidler, aka ChloroPhil, was born in Potsdam and grew up in Berlin. Even before his Abitur, which he completed at the Carl von Ossietzky Oberschule, he took part in various theatre, music and video projects and began writing his own lyrics. At the same time he took his first steps in the field of rap and beatboxing. During his studies of communication science and technical acoustics at the TU-Berlin, he rehearsed with various jazz bands and rap formations. He appeared on the stage more and more and matured to an extraordinary entertainer and professional musician.

Phil was a frequent guest at numerous hip hop sessions and gradually gained a name in the Berlin music scene. He has perfected freestyling, in which lyric texts emerge spontaneously at the moment when they are rapped. His voice is so versatile that he can imitate not only sounds and instruments, but also well-known personalities.

He is part of “Razzz – The Beatbox Musical”, the world’s first musical in which all songs and sounds are made with the mouth. He contributes many song lyrics and is on stage as a beatboxer, singer & actor. Since 2013 the successful musical has been showing throughout the German-speaking world. Currently, it has even been updated with Razzz4Kids, an interactive piece for children.

In addition to working on and off the stages of the world, ChloroPhil continues to teach rap, songwriting, or beatboxing workshops. His charm, his eloquent spontaneity and his comedic vein combined with his beatboxing skills make him an unforgettable highlight at every show.

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• World Vice Champions in the tag team beatboxing (2015)
• Grand Beatbox Loopstation Battle (2015)*
• Europena Champions La Cup Team (2013)
• Maximum Respect Award (2012)*

• Beatboxbattle G-Shock (2011)*
• German Champions in the beatboxing team (2006 & 2010)
• German Vice Champions in the loop station battle von Roland/Boss (2009)*
• Silent film competition Cinema Mobile (2008)

• Night of Talent by Radio Fritz (2007)
• German Champions (2006 & 2007)*
• Bandbattle La Boheme (2006)
• German Championship Best Show (2005)*

• South German Champions (2005)*
• 1. International Street Music Competition (2005)
• Beatboxing Battle Kurt-Lade Klub (2003)**


• Goethe Institut and DAAD Bulgaria Tour (2017)
• Beatboxing workshop at MCS University in Poland (2016) Lublin
• ARTE 150 years Max & Moritz documentary (2015)
• Chariton Hotel with Heartbeats band in Egypt (2013) Soma Bay

• RBB German TV Ballet (2012) Potsdam
• Alart Music Festival in Spain (2012) Alaró
• O2 Arena halftime show Alba Berlin vs. Telekom Baskets (2011)
• Berlin Bronx Connection USA (2011) New York

• Culture project with Shondiban choir in Russia (2011) Kudymkar
• Silent film in Maison H. Heine in France (2011) Paris
• Workshop direction for MitOst e.V. in Russia (2010) Perm
• Opening ceremony Athletics World Championship Brandenburg Gate (2009)

• Staging of DT „Othello“ W. Shakespeare (2009)
• Berlinale with documentary „Love, Peace & Beatbox“ (2008)
• ARD performance at the Tigerenten Club (2007) Göppingen
• German Team at the Beatboxing World Championship (2005) Leipzig



Past dates

14.07.2017 HU Big Band Live Concert More info »
15.07.2017 Lange Tafel More info »
16.07.2017 Beatboxworkshop im Yaaam More info »
05.08.2017 Aponi Mitmachmusical More info »
10.08.2017 Nordhausen - Open Air Poetry Slam More info »
11.08.2017 Panorama-Bühne Zeulenroda More info »
12.08.2017 Apolda - Slam zur Landesgartenschau More info »
13.08.2017 Erfurt - Maislabyrinth Open Air More info »
19.09.2017 Klasse Klasse Masken Beatbox Theater More info »
20.09.2017 Klasse Klasse Masken Beatbox Theater More info »
21.09.2017 Klasse Klasse Masken Beatbox Theater More info »
23.09.2017 4xS in Oppeln (PL) Jugend Festival More info »


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